With expansive experience on a multitude of productions, MP is prepared to produce a project of any size. Having worked on small still shoots to multi-million dollar film productions, MP has knowledge in budget creation, casting, location procurement, permits, crew, and post.  Contact us now to discuss your next project. (Insert hot link to Contact page).  Dave Krieger has line produced or production managed a dozen feature films and is a UPM in the DGA.


With over 250,000 file images of Detroit and Michigan, we can deliver file images of most locations in the Detroit area and throughout the state of Michigan. If we do not have something on file or it needs to be updated, we have over 30 years collective experience in scouting and discovering any location required. We have Location Managed hundreds of projects union and non-union. Krieger is a member of the Teamsters 337 for locations.


In addition to our understanding of production and location management, MP also offers a vast inventory of production supplies and insurance. We have amassed a list of available crew, reliable vendors, and have great working relationships with the best suppliers in town. Whatever your production needs are, we can find the best solutions.