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Madison Productions is a collective of talent working in visual media. We are available to assist your production as a team or individually, depending upon your needs.

  • Producer
  • Locations
  • Scout

Krieger has been a location scout / manager, and producer for over thirty years working in Detroit, LA, Paris and NYC, having worked for hundreds of productions, commercials and independent projects.

Experienced in Budgeting, Casting, Location Research and Scouting, Permits and Contracts, Vehicle and Equipment Rentals, Crew Booking, and Travel Coordination. He is a member of Teamsters 337, for Locations, and the DGA, as a Production Manager, and has worked on more than 40 productions


He has produced movies starring Eric Roberts, in “Fractured”, and David Arquette, in “Orion”; the critically acclaimed, “Cash Only”, which the NY Times compared to “Mean Streets”, and the 2017 summer hit, “Don’t Breathe.”

He started, art directed, and photographed the webzines, Model D and Metromode, covering Detroit and its environs, building a library of over 250,000 images of the city.

In addition, Krieger has written and photographed two books about Detroit. "Things I do in Detroit, A Guidebook to the Coolest Places, by the Nain Rouge", a listing of over 100 of the coolest places and activities in Detroit, and "Things People Say About Detroit, as told to the Nain Rouge", a collection of the best quotes from famous Detroiters.

His video and photo work has been in a myriad of art shows and galleries, most recently in the Murals in the Market show in Eastern Market, Detroit. Entitled, Context Out of Context, he projected video onto 3 (12’ x 12’) screen panels. The subjects were various faces talking and socializing, using the large size of the faces to dominate the viewer. It was an exploration of how digital media has taken over social interaction and communication.

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